Samba on two Ethernets (PR#828)

Andrew Tridgell samba-bugs at
Fri Oct 17 01:09:36 GMT 1997

>> A problem is the following one. Samba servers and clients always look at
>> the first network, and not to the second one where are 20 Windoze
>> machines.
>> I have tried the following:
>> * I changed eth0 and eth1 to do vice versa
>> * I have put up in smb.conf a name of the workgroup to be the same as
>> local domain
> Try adding to smb.conf
>  socket address = x.x.x.x

No, definately not.

The "socket address" option is meant for when you are running mutiple
separate copies of smbd and using virtual hosting (which very few people
really want to do). 

Using it to try to solve this sort of problem will cause more problems
than it solves.

Instead, just use the "interfaces = " option.


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