Samba servers suddenly disappear - any ideas?

Graham Leggett graham at
Wed Oct 15 18:47:41 GMT 1997

Hi all,

I have two samba servers, one on a Linux based router, the second on a
solaris v2.5.1 box on a different subnet to our main network.

The samba server on the router is configured as a wins server.

The samba server on the solaris box is on a second subnet to our main

Problem: last night lightning struck, and killed our internet
connection, and caused both samba boxes to reboot.

Since reboot, both boxes work fine except for this: neither of the samba
servers are accessible from any Win95 or NT machine on the network -
"\\samba server is not accessible".

I have checked from a samba box on our network to see if it can connect
to these machines. It can without a shred of problem. Win95 and NT still
cannot see these boxes, though wins seems to work fine.

Does anyone know what to look for? I have tried jacking up the debug
level on the servers, nothing at all is logged. Logging the samba client
is pointless, because it works. There is no logging function under NT or
95 that I am aware of.

The solaris box is used as quite an important fileserver, and we are
crippled without it.

Any ideas?

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