Browsing on WfW

Thu Oct 16 14:13:05 GMT 1997

Dear All,

we have shared a directory which includes several subdirectories from a
Unix server. Browsing the subdirectories on an Windows 3.11 Client leads
to an unestimated result. All files in the second subdirectory-level are
invisible. The files in the first subdirectory-level could be accessed
normally. This is only a problem on WfW Clients, browsing the
directories on a NT host leads to no problem.

Here is a part of my smb.conf file:

        guest ok        = no
        guest account   = %U
        case sensitive  = yes
        preserve case   = yes
        admin users     = root
        browsable       = yes
        dead time       = 5
        password server = dbo1fl19
        security        = server
        log file        = /usr/local/samba/log/%m.log
        log level       = 2

        path        = /tmp
        guest ok    = yes 
        path            = /es130065/bocad/grpdata/cam/ncfiles
        comment         = NC-Files
        browsable       = yes
        read only       = yes
        guest ok        = no

For example the directory "/es130065/bocad/grpdata/cam/ncfiles/3000" has two 
subdirectories named "171808-1" and "171808-2". Under 171808-1 there are 
several files located, which could be browsed by all machines. The dirctory 
171808-2 contains additional subdirectories named e.g."unt" and "obt". Under 
these subdirectories all files are invisible, but only on WfW Clients. At the 
moment we use samba-1.9.16p11, but I have tested samba-1.9.16p9 and 
samba-1.9.17p3, too, with the same result.

Excuse me if this is an FAQ or a silly mistake in my smb.conf file. I would be 
glad if anyone could help me.


Frank Loepke

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