Jim Morris jmorris at ro.com
Wed Oct 15 16:00:12 GMT 1997

Robert Dal Santo wrote:

>  Is there any work underway to get Samba to support OPLOCKS? I know
>  they are difficult to implement but I'm faced with a decisions now to buy an
>  NT box (Ugh!) or do a lot of messing around to get this application
> to perform decently. The application in questions takes around 5
> hours to do a taks without OPLOCKS and around an hour to do the same
> task with OPLOCKS :(

FYI, Oplock support is currently *IN DEVELOPMENT*, and is the major
goal of Samba 1.9.18. I have a situation that needs Oplocks too, and
have been corresponding with several of the Samba team on this -
Andrew Tridgell and Jeremy Allison to be specific.  As of last week,
initial OPLOCK support was in place, and they were ironing out some

Jeremy told me that a public Samba alpha/beta release with oplock
support would most likely show up on the Samba ftp site this week or
next. I would imagine it will be "1.9.18alpha1" or something like

I would not use an alpha release of Samba in your production 
environment, but I would take heart - it appears that your 
performance issues with Samba will be solved in the very near future -
if your users can wait a month or two...

 Jim Morris (Jim at Morris.net)
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