nmbd stangeness

Jim Morris jmorris at ro.com
Wed Oct 15 16:00:12 GMT 1997

Hi all...

I am getting a whole lot of the following messages showing up in the
"log.nmbd" file on my system. Anyone have any ideas as to what could
be causing this? I can't even find this message in the Samba source
(1.9.17p2).  Note that the Samba server is setup as a WINS server,
domain master browser, with domain logons.

"reply_netbios_packet: r_a not to be used when not a WINS server"

These messages start shortly after nmbd is started, and eventually
will fill up the log file to its 500KB limit.

On a separate note, a much more serious problem has developed.  A
Samba system that has been running for well over 100 days since the
last reboot - although it has been upgraded on-the-fly to 1.9.17p2,
suddenly has started refusing user logons from Win95 clients, giving
messages such as:

  "Password invalid or access to server denied"

Several logon attempts are usually required before the Win95 clients
can get on.

Even MORE serious than this is the fact that the Samba server has
suddenly started dropping active network connections to Win95 clients.

The ONLY thing that changed recently on this network was the addition
of a WinNT server. Nominally it was a domain controller on another
domain, but it was on the same subnet.  The NT box has been shutdown
since this problem developed.  The network card in the Samba server
has also been replaced, and the system (Linux) restarted.  I've even
reverted from 1.9.17p2 to 1.9.17p1, but of course that made no

HELP! I've fallen and I can't get up! I am at a loss for now, and the
longer this goes on, the more likely it is that someone (not me) will
format the Samba server's disks and install NT! We don't want that to
happen, now do we?


 Jim Morris (Jim at Morris.net)
 If planes were crashing as often as DOS and Windoze, I doubt that
 anyone but suicidal maniacs would fly...run linux (or solaris-x86,
 or BSD, or ...) and be done with it.

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