utime and backing up files

Jim Morris jmorris at ro.com
Wed Oct 15 16:00:12 GMT 1997

Erik Van Riper wrote:

<much deleted about utime problem>

> Has anyone else run into this problem, and what did you do to solve
> it?

Yes - I ran into the same problem several years back with a Samba
share used by multiple users to store PVCS files, as well as just
straight copies of source code.  If one user overwrote a file
belonging to another, the timestamp got set to the current Samba
server time, and NOT the actual file timestamp.

Because of this, at the time Andrew Tridgell implemented a fix that
has been working perfectly for me for the last two years, but which to
my knowledge has never been documented.

To enable the fix, you need to add "-DUTIME_WORKAROUND=1" to the
compiler options in the Samba makefile, and then rebuilt Samba from
the source - i.e. do a "make" and "make install".  To have the change
actually take effect, you will need to have all your affected users
log out of the server, and then back in - to ensure that they reload
smbd from the new binary.

To the Samba team:  Maybe someone can document this fix, or better
yet, make it an smb.conf option, rather than a compile-time option?

Hope this helps!

 Jim Morris (Jim at Morris.net)
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