WinNT really slower than Win95

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Wed Oct 15 11:19:29 GMT 1997

At 02:02 PM 10/15/97 +1000, paquet at wrote:
>Hello everybody,
>Here is my trouble :
>I have a 16-bit binary (the Progress RDBMS client) installed on a
>Samba volume. When I start it using Win95, it takes a couple of
>seconds to appear, that's OK. On WinNT 4.0 workstation, it's
>incredibly sloooow ! It takes up to 13 minutes to show up !! Could
>someone explain this ?

How much RAM is on the machine? WInNT doesn't really start to run right
until you have >64MB of RAM. Until then you are always in the swapper. Once
you have sfficient RAM, it's much faster than Win95.

>Notes :
>- The same shortcut is used on both systems.
>- When I don't add the path to a config file to the command line of
>the shortcut, everything is OK.
>- While waiting for the application to show up, the NT Task Manager
>lists the binary I launched as well as wowexec.exe (the 16-bit
>emulator) but none of them has a PID, a memory usage ...
>- The Samba logfiles say that the binary and the config file have been 
>opened and read once the icon has been double-clicked.
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