Samba and Office97

Matthew Geier matthew at
Wed Oct 15 00:04:19 GMT 1997

 We have running Samba 1.9.17p2 under Solaris 2.5.1. Pretty well every thing
seems to work, but we are having a problem with Word97 that doesnt seem to
be mentioned anywhere at Microsoft.

 Word97 often crashes with an Invalid page fault in Shell32.dll. Microsoft
have just about every other combination of page faults in word documented
except this one.
 It appears that Word only crashes, when saving a document ( to the network),
followed by opening a network document, and in one case, it faults when the
user tries to change folders in the file open/save dialog!
 A couple of 'random' word crashes could possibly have happened during an

 Since Microsoft have no mention of Word causing Shell32.dll errors, and
every time word has cashed, it appears network activity was involved, i wonder
if any other Samba users have seen this ?. The funny thing is that it doesnt
happen to every one, and the for the people that have problems, it comes
and goes.

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