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Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Tue Oct 14 19:29:36 GMT 1997

On Wed, 15 Oct 1997, Jason Gerrity wrote:

> I probably know the answer to this but I was just wondering how the
> NT-workstation Domain authentication is coming along in Samba?

oh, ok.

>  Is anyone currently working on it?

yes.  me and paul ashton.

several people have been wanting nt domains for a severely long time.

i provided paul with stuff from which to produce a spec (published about
eight weeks ago.  zero public reaction except from a one linus nordberg,
who sent a c-code implementation).

paul then spent about two to three weeks doing a reference implementation,
from whence his "welcome to the SAMBA domain" signature comes.  we then
produced a white paper from this, and published that, two weeks ago. 
again, zero public reaction.

i'm now nursing a headache and a cold (not sure what was caused by what,
but i think it involves a chocolate bar a few hours ago.  the headache,
that is) from doing a re-implementation of the white paper.

> Is there even a remote chance that it will happen?

yes, probably unofficially and unannounced, for a while.

> Another question is, what is the status of Samba-2?  I think I read
> somewhere that it's been scrapped...

well, it's not so much scrapped as stuffed.  i tried to do too many 
different things in one go without finishing the first one, and had too 
large a break between each attempt to add each feature.

> One final question, how can I have different client machines (w95) read
> different smb.conf files or more specifically run different login scripts
> (although the different smb.conf may be better as it would allow for more...)?
> I've read up on the include = ...smb.conf stuff, but I'm curious to know
> what the best way to do it is.  I thought about making an alias for the
> samba server and using include=...smb.conf_alias, but how would the client
> know which server it is actually contacting?

through the caller NetBIOS name.  yes, this is documented, jason.  
probably %m - see util.c::standard_sub_basic() and then hunt around for 
where remote_machine is set up.

so, you want include = smb.conf.%m
sorry, i'm too tired to answer the rest.


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