couple of questions

Jason Gerrity jason.gerrity at
Tue Oct 14 17:51:19 GMT 1997

I probably know the answer to this but I was just wondering how the
NT-workstation Domain authentication is coming along in Samba?  Is anyone
currently working on it? Is there even a remote chance that it will happen?

Another question is, what is the status of Samba-2?  I think I read
somewhere that it's been scrapped...

One final question, how can I have different client machines (w95) read
different smb.conf files or more specifically run different login scripts
(although the different smb.conf may be better as it would allow for more...)?

I've read up on the include = ...smb.conf stuff, but I'm curious to know
what the best way to do it is.  I thought about making an alias for the
samba server and using include=...smb.conf_alias, but how would the client
know which server it is actually contacting?

I think this hasn't come out very clear, but hey it's been a long day ;)  

Anyway, I'll try to make it more clear.  Here is my understanding (please
feel free to correct me).  The client will broadcast on the local subnet
and the samba server will respond on the local subnet and thus the client
will use the responding samba server's smb.conf configuration.  If I had an
aliased server, how can I tell clients to use the aliased  server's
smb.conf file, while other clients on the same subnet use the original
smb.conf file?

Thanks in advance,


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