is this a bug

mfrattola at mfrattola at
Mon Oct 13 21:41:40 GMT 1997

Hi all,
can somebody tell me if this is a bug or a feature? I'm using samba 1.9.17p2.
Using security=share, all works as expected.
Using security=user (which I'd prefer) AND revalidate=yes, I cannot mount 
my homedir share (or any passwd protected share) at all. 
I get "SMBtconX failed. ERRSRV - ERRbadpw."
Since I use the same password to browse (smbclient -L SERVER), and I get the
browse list, I don't think the passwd is wrong, nor that it should be all 
Without revalidation, it works (I can access shares).

Am I doing something wrong? Is revalidate mutually exclusive WRT security=user
(I read many docs, and didn't find any clue about this)?

Anyway, thanks to all the samba team. 1.9.17p2 is really good work! Sorry it
this question is silly.
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