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Tue Oct 14 13:54:53 GMT 1997

> From: Mark Lehrer <mark at>

> Hello!

> If I want to bring some old Windows 3.1 systems onto my Samba network,
> should I use the MS-DOS client, or am I out of luck?

Can't speak for the MS-DOS client, however if you upgrade to Windows
for Workgroups 3.11, download and install Microsoft's TCP/IP protocol
version 3.11b (less buggy), you should find that that will just
work. (Use Windows Setup->Network Settings to install the protocol.)

I can't honestly claim to have given it heavy use, but the few users
who have tried it reported no problems. If possible (i.e. if all your
servers speak TCP/IP) remove any other protocols, such as IPX/SPX and

Login to the domain is handled rather messily; you'll get a "local"
password which will unlock your domain passwords... users find this
confusing if they log on to different machines - I'd recommend setting
both passwords the same, and I have not yet found any way to change
the domain password within Windows. The Network icon in control panel
is laid out in such a way as to suggest that is possible, but
unfortunately only changes the local password.

Printers via Samba work well; provided the printer on the Samba end is
configured to print raw data, it will work, given the correct printer
driver at the Windows end. Unlike Windows 95 or NT, the client does
not divine the required printer driver from the printer description.


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