Win95 profiles on server (was Re: Automated installs (very long)) (BUG#618)

Marco A. Zamora mzamora at
Mon Oct 13 16:19:50 GMT 1997

On Fri, 10 Oct 1997 07:30:50 GMT shyde at (Simon Hyde) wrote:
> >how the heck I can modify Samba to work as
> >the re-broadcast server (can't be a separate program because Samba takes hold
> >of the netbios-xx sockets, and that's where the clients will be sending the
> >requests, thanks to MS's single port SMB implementation). 

> Sounds like a great idea, as far as getting samba to re-broadcast
> stuff, couldn't you just use message command = in your smb.conf to
> shell out to another program which calls back to smbclient -M if it
> wants to re-distribute the message.

I thought about that, but in order to avoid broadcast storms I need to:
	1) Accept the re-broadcast petitions on a mailslot different to
	MESSNGR (I also need this because if I'm to put the same functionality
	on an NT machine I can't use MESSNGR).
	2) Make spanning-tree decisions to see to which remote re-broadcasting
	servers I'll have to re-rebroadcast the message to downstream LANs (too
	heavy for per-message re-calculation).
	3) Keep a state for flood checks (easier to do in the listening
	4) Biggest immediate hurdle: can't broadcast to a workgroup with
	5) Biggest reason: I need to know whether the client is on a
	directly-connected network or if it originated remotely in order to
	know if I need to re-broadcast it locally. In order for this to be
	reliably detected, it has to be done in the process that can ioctl the
	listening socket and see where it originated.

Cheers...			Marco Zamora

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