NT4 and Password Authentication on every Login

Matthias Lohmann lohm at lynet.de
Mon Oct 13 08:46:29 GMT 1997

Hello everybody,

is ist possible to make NT4 not to ask for a password for every
connection again on startup ?
NT4 does not remember the passwords when connection to the samba
server, bit it does for the shares from a NT4 server.

I've tried the WinNT.txt in the docs, and searched in the mainling
list, but I've got no solution yet ...

Our samba uses encryption, but NT4 aks for the passwords on every startup.
I've also treid to make NT4 to negotiate with unencrypted passwords
as described in WinNT.txt in the docs directory.

What have I done wrong ?
Or is there no possibility to make NT remember the passwords ?

If it is possoble could somebody show me the right way ?

Thanks and Greetings from Luebeck, Germany
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