Admin of users from NT

Dave Wreski dave at
Sun Oct 12 07:16:04 GMT 1997

Hi all.  I'm running 1.9.17p1 on two Linux boxes, each having three shares
available to a group of NT 3.51 and 4.0 workstation SP3/5 boxes.  Also one
of the NT boxes is sharing a printer and three local shares.  There is no
NT server available on the network.

My user's have some unexpected complaints that I hoped someone could help
me with.

1.  Three shares per machine is becomming too many to manage.  The users
get confused as to which drive letter goes to which machine/share.  Is
there a better way to define how the drives and shares are layed out, so
its easier from a user perspective?

3.  Is there a way to manage the list of users that are on each machine,
rather than modifying the Linux box directly?  Is it possible to have a
common place to store the list of users that will be using the shares?  In
other words, the user has to log into his local machine, then use the
filemanage to connect to the share, and also specify the username that he
will be connecting as.  It then prompts him for a passwd.

How can I have the user simply log into the local NT box, and
automagically be allowed to connect to the remote linux shares, and not
have to specify a password?

I tried working with the netlogon scripts, but I could not get it working.
Is this the proper method to define drive mappings when the user logs in?
Would I be better off creating a login script for each user on the local
machines, that defines which shares the user can connect to, and which
drive it maps to?  Possibly someone could provide an example?

3.  Continuing with the last question, is it possible to have a central
machine that contains all usernames?  It seems one user can log in to
different machines in the office, so I must provide login IDs for each
user at each of the 15 or so machines..  This is very time consuming, and
passwords need to be changed at each station.  Is this the purpose of NT

4.  Does anyone have any experience with Apache and samba?  It seems the
users are having problems using Composer, and 'Publishing' the documents
to the web server.  I don't have all the details at this point, but I
hoped someone might know of a refernce to find more information on this

I'm really looking forward to any ideas you might have.

Dave Wreski

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