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Sat Oct 11 23:01:48 GMT 1997

> On Thursday, October 09, 1997 4:31 PM, Simon Hyde [SMTP:shyde at] 
> wrote:
> > On Fri, 10 Oct 1997 02:48:16 +1000, you wrote:
> > >I was wondering if anyone out there has been able to get the command:
> > >
> > >	NET PASSWORD \\sambaserver
> > >
> > >to work from within Windows95 talking to a Samba server?
> >
> > >From reading the docs for Samba, it states that this "may or may not 
> work,
> > >depending on your installation".  We have compiled in the option to 
> allow
> > >this, but never seem to be able to get the silly thing to work, always
> > >returning a network error.  Otherwise, all else is fine and dandy.
> > >
> > Doesn't sound like you have actually done any playing around with the
> > smb.conf file, you might want to start by looking at the following 2
> > sections in man smb.conf, iirc the:
> > passwd chat
> > passwd program
> Been there, done that about a zillion times, and I never seemed to get the 
> right settings.  For program, we're using the standard Linux passwd, and 
> for chat (hmm, trying to remember as I don't have the box here to look at) 
> something _similiar_ to the default, but not exactly.  I tried to match it 
> up to what the passwd program does for any normal user, but no matter what 
> happens the command always fails.  Perhaps I'll bump up the debug output 
> and see if anything significant is in the log files.
> What I'd like to know is if anyone has gotten this to run on a Linux 
> machine (RedHat 4.1, kernel 2.0.27, and Samba 1.9.17p2)  If so, what 
> configuration did you use?  Is using passwd the problem?
> Thanks for any help you may have...
>       --Mike Huttinger

  I was experimenting with remote password changes from DOS MS Client
(the same "net password" command) and after several hacks to samba code
I finally got it to work (if I remember - some setuid/seteuid kludge was
needed. System is RedHat 4.2 based with nearly complete authorization
utilities replace). Unfortunately although Samba is compiled with
DES and DOS client is using crypted passwords during login, the password
change process is insecure - clear text passwords (both old and new) are
sent over NetBIOS.
  I also made patches to std. passwd command to automatically call smbpasswd
and have added new option to smbpasswd to accept new password also from
stdin (and workaround that ugly ptyp/ttyp pair shuffling for getpass()).
  Unfortunately this is not 'professional' so /etc/smbpasswd is not coherent
over useradd/userdel and I have now no time to fix it. If someone wants
to kick it to some distributable state, give me a mail...

			Looking forward for 1.9.18alpha1,
					Jan "Lace" Kratochvil

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