linux as win95 internet gateway with user authenification

James Hughes jamesh at
Sat Oct 11 12:19:56 GMT 1997

Caspar von Seckendorff wrote:
> Hi!
> I set up a linux-samba server as a file-server for a Microsoft-network.
> This works very well. Know I want to use the same pc as a gateway to the
> internet. Since I dont't have registered IPs I use IP-mascerading. diald
> establishes the connection automatically when a user tries to connect to
> the internet (e.g. www). So far so good...
> The only problem is that every Windows95 user can establish this
> connection. I only want the users that are registered on the
> linux-server to be able to do that.

You can use "root preexec" and "root postexec" commands on the 'home'
share to insert and delete firewall rules. I have used it with the
firewalling. You should be able to get it working with masquerading too.


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