access problems for restricted clients

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Fri Oct 10 14:28:28 GMT 1997

We use our SAMBA-Server in server security mode (conf entry: security =

After upgrade to version 1.9.17p2 users which has to login to the
Windows network only from explicit defined Win95-stations can't access
any ressource of the SAMBA share.

The reason was the code change in "password.c" based of the suggestion
of Frank Varnavas (see: "RE: NT server dropping APPS due to samba").

After reestblishing the old code everything works fine again.

  p = outbuf+len;

  /* and my name */
#ifdef _VARN_FIX
  /* Fix from Frank Varnavas <varnavas at>.
     We cannot use the same name as the client to 
     the NT password server, as NT will drop client
     connections if the same client name connects
     twice. Instead, synthesize a name from our pid.
     and the remote machine name.
    char buf[32]; /* create name as PIDname */
    sprintf(buf,"%d", getpid());
    strncpy(&buf[strlen(buf)], remote_machine, 31 - strlen(buf));
    buf[31] = '\0';
    DEBUG(1,("negprot w/password server as %s\n",buf));
    name_mangle(buf,p,' ');
    len += name_len(p);
  name_mangle(remote_machine,p,' ');
  len += name_len(p);

My question:
Is this a clean solution?
When not what is to do ?

Joachim Petermann

DOW BSL, Werk Schkopau
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