Slow Writes to Samba server and Slow dir reads from smbfs drive.

kevina at kevina at
Thu Oct 9 11:38:13 GMT 1997

He Its me again.

I am having a bit of a performance problem with Samba.

Writing to the samba server from a windows 95 machine 
seams to take forever.  I am using samba-1.9.17p2 (cia a debian 

Also reading directories from an smbfs mounted drive takes forever.
Reads also seam to be slow but they speed up once they get going.

I have noticed that other people reported similar problems to
the comp.protocols.smb but I have yet to find a solid answer.

I am not sure what type of additional information you would need so
let me know what else you might need to help diagnose this problem.

Kevin Atkinson

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