Integrating Win95 and Samba

Gerald W. Carter jerry at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Thu Oct 9 13:22:20 GMT 1997

> Then I added 'regedit z:\import.reg' at the end of the login script I
> use.
> guessed it...this does not work at all ! Win95 just creates
> a extremely reduced entry into the registry base (not even a simple
> copy of HKEY_USERS/.Default) and ignores any profile (Be it on the
> server or on the local hard drive). Enven worse, this changes the
> setting of the Passwd Icon of the Control Panel, unchecking the box
> that enables custom dektops. The only satisfaction is that the values
> in import.reg appear in the registry base ;)

> So how can I have netscape (for example) configured for any user who
> logs in ? Several persons said they could do this.

When you get the roaming profiles working, this happens automatically.

> What is the use of the /R: modifier for regedit ? (when I use it,
> nothing seems to happen). 

Real-mode reagistry editor swicthes to specify a file for the user.dat
portion of the registry.

> How to prevent Windows from writing a local user profile when it is
> already written on the server?

These are the registry setting that seem to matter.




"Programs"="C:\\WINDOWS\\Profiles\\jdoe\\Start Menu\\Programs"
"Start Menu"="C:\\WINDOWS\\Profiles\\jdoe\\Start Menu"
"Startup"="C:\\WINDOWS\\Profiles\\jdoe\\Start Menu\\Programs\\Startup"


You can make these directories point to whereever you wish.  My
experience has been that it is better to set one machine to use user
profiles and let Win95 create the user.dat file for you and then copy it
to use as a default for that machine ( or setup ).

> How to make have Mr Gates doing understandable things ?

Impossible..... ;)
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