Robert Dal Santo robert at psy.uq.edu.au
Thu Oct 9 05:52:01 GMT 1997

>> 	Hi, I have an application under Access that is running dead slow. I've
>> done some testing and it appears that Access really likes to use OPLOCKS whi
>> of course Samba does not support.
>I hear rumours that samba will one day support OPLOCKS.
>It sounds like you are using Access on a large/complex DB in native Access
>format. You might get much better performance, as well as reliability and
>stability by using an SQL database, but still use Access as the front end
>if you must, using ODBC drivers.

	Thanks for the pointer but the software was written by an outside consulting company for the University and much as I might like to change it to use a faster/better SQL engine located elsewhere I don't think I'll be able to.

	Apparently OPLOCKS are on the way and should make life a lot better soon. Thanks for the URL's, I'll look at them anyways.



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