Integrating Win95 and Samba

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Tue Oct 7 02:39:06 GMT 1997

Hi friends,

I'm really interested bye the discussion about automated install of
Win95 AND smart settings of user profiles.

This messages mostly talks about the second topic.

I've set up netlogons and networked user profiles and right now I'd
like to minimize my admin tasks whenever a new PCs is set up or a new
users comes in.

Here is what I tried :

>From a vanilla Win95, I exported a branch of the registry into a .reg
file. I had it modified using the 'root preexec' option (a little sed
script) in order to set up proper values using the %u variable for

eg : root preexec   = /bin/sh -c "sed -e 's/\"\"/\"%u\"/' %P/bidon.reg > %P/import.reg"

Then I added 'regedit z:\import.reg' at the end of the login script I
use. guessed it...this does not work at all ! Win95 just creates
a extremely reduced entry into the registry base (not even a simple
copy of HKEY_USERS/.Default) and ignores any profile (Be it on the
server or on the local hard drive). Enven worse, this changes the
setting of the Passwd Icon of the Control Panel, unchecking the box
that enables custom dektops. The only satisfaction is that the values
in import.reg appear in the registry base ;)

So how can I have netscape (for example) configured for any user who
logs in ? Several persons said they could do this. What is the use of
the /R: modifier for regedit ? (when I use it, nothing seems to
happen). How to prevent Windows from writing a local user profile when
it is already written on the server? How to make have Mr Gates doing
understandable things ?

I am ready to help working on any of this topics as far as I have
enough skills and time.

Thanks a lot, have a nice day.

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