Win95 profiles on server (was Re: Automated installs (very long)) (BUG#618)

Andrew Tridgell samba-bugs at
Wed Oct 8 14:49:31 GMT 1997

> > Ideally, I'd like an error message to come up when an
> > already-logged-in user tries to login from another machine, and for
> > the login process to abort back to the login dialog box.
>Have to think about this one.

It would be trivial to add a smbrun() call just after the following line
in server.c:

	  DEBUG(1,("too many connections - rejected\n"));

To see how, look at the "root preexec" code a few lines further down.

Then you could run a script that runs smbclient -M to send a winpopup
message to the users machine. Hmmm, I wonder if win95 accepts winpopups
while processing a login?


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