Win95 profiles on server (BUG#616)

Andrew Tridgell samba-bugs at
Wed Oct 8 14:43:45 GMT 1997

>Looks like I was mistaken - there is no race condition as described.
>It would seem that the Win95 login routine doesn't start until after the
>preexec script has completed.  Presumed that the two processes would
>happen in parallel and that it was just a case of the server process being
>much quicker causing the .REG to be ready by the time the login script
>expects it.

That's right, there is no race condition. The mount of the share
can't complete till the preexec script has finished, which forces
the client to wait.

>Problem is I don't see how I could use something like 'max connections =
>1' since that wouldn't limit me to one user at a time, not one instance of
>each username at a time, correct?

Yes. "max connections" works on share names. So it will limit the number of
people who can have that share name open at once.

You could be a little tricky and do this:

	path = %H
	max connections = 1
	... other options ...

The [%U] gets substituted with their user name. It would mean that you 
automatically create a new share name for each user and these should
have independent connection limits.

I haven't actually tested this but it should work if the code
works as I think it does (ie. as I meant it to when I put it in!)

I think you could also do this with the [homes] share as long as the
users mounted \\server\user instead of \\server\homes. The above trick
just forces them to do this by creating a similar system to [homes]
but without the [homes] share.


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