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Marco A. Zamora mzamora at
Wed Oct 8 14:19:57 GMT 1997

> Date: Tue, 7 Oct 1997 17:39:07 +0200 (SAT)
> From: Louis Mandelstam <lma at>
> Subject: Re: Automated installs (very long)
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> 5. Install script mounts the newly created C: into its filespace as a vfat
>    fs.

Dumb question here: Does Linux support fat32 fs yet? Maybe one of the
development kernels?

I ask this because our standard installation is Win95 OSR2 on >=1.6Gb hard
disks; therefore, we can squeeze a lot more on them by using OSR2. 

If the computers are identical, and Linux doesn't support FAT32, I'd use a
"gzcat /server/mounted/dir/image.gz | dd(1) of=/dev/hda" to copy a full disk
image from a compressed master image on the server.

As a matter of fact, I'm pretty interested in this thread because I'm about to
install 140 pcs here (in a one-month timeframe!), and even though the supplier
is bound by contract to do the installation himself, I don't trust him to get
all the details right with a manual installation. For this install I think I'll
use the dd(1) technique, and then use the post-install personalization
technique described by Louis. 

Cheers...			Marco Zamora

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