Local group registration

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at switchboard.net
Wed Oct 8 14:53:44 GMT 1997

On Wed, 8 Oct 1997 Janne.Harju at nmp.nokia.com wrote:

> Luke,
> > the NetBIOS name you refer to is a group, broadcast-only NetBIOS name
> > WORKGROUP<1e>, and indicates _membership_ of the broadcast-isolated 
> > local workgroup.
> Hmmm... Microsoft's document explains [1E] as Browser Service Elections.

it should explain that one of the things that happens on the WORKGROUP<1e> 
group NetBIOS name is "Browser Service Elections".

(there are other things that happen on this NetBIOS name: see 
ftp.microsoft.com/developr/drg/CIFS/cifsbrow.txt for details).
> IMHO, e.g. Win95 does not register group [1E] after setting it to not
> take part in maintaining browse lists. (There's an option for this in
> the registry)

it probably doesn't, in which case, the CIFS documentation, and certainly
my understanding of browsing, may be incorrect on this point.  [it's a 
nasty protocol, but it does what it does very well].

> > > I reported this happening with 1.9.16p11 and earlier releases 
> > > (this was in May). The answer was that this will be fixed in 1.9.17.
> > 
> > i did?
> Yes, you did. I still have the email you sent me ;)

[oh yehhh ("amtrak wars"-style exclamation).  my context-responsive memory 
strikes again...]

a little thought occurs: yes, if you don't register workgroup<1E>, then 
you don't get to listen to any host announcements or domain announcements.

hm.  maybe workgroup<1e> should be classified as the "potential master 
browser" netbios name.  that would make a lot of sense.

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