Problem (BUG#305)

John H Terpstra samba-bugs at
Wed Oct 8 13:37:45 GMT 1997

Thanks Noel,

I am closing the file on this issue.

This message is being passed on to the samba mailing list since we have received
a number of very similar bug  reports on this.

For those who have AIX systems we would strongly recommend using the GCC
compiler if you have ANY problem with binaries built using the native C

>The problem has now been solved. Apparently there is a bug in the AIX 
>3.2.5 C compiler which causes the problem. I moved the Samba source to 
>an AIX 4.1 machine and compiled it and the problem disappeared.
>Noel Brennan
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>UB1 2QX
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John H Terpstra - Samba-Team
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