Problem with Win95 and 'case sensitive = yes'

Axel Tanner axs at
Wed Oct 8 10:31:55 GMT 1997

Since we are using Samba to access files created in Unix, I would have
liked to have
     case sensitive = yes
so that I can get into different directories like
If I don't have 'case sensitive = yes', I can see both directories in the
list, but always end up in 'tmp' and can't get into 'Tmp'.

Setting 'case sensitive = yes' works fine for accesses from NT and lets me
go into 'Tmp', but accesses from 95 give an error message like
     \\smbserver\share\subdir is not accessible.
     This folder was moved or removed.
if I try to enter any subdirectory (even the lowercase ones).

Any explanation/workaround for that?

  Axel Tanner
  IBM Zurich Research Laboratory    email: axs at

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