How to get Win95 to close the connection to a share quicker?

Arcadio A. Sincero Jr. asincero at
Tue Oct 7 22:29:22 GMT 1997

Hello SAMBA List!,

	I have a share configured on my SAMBA server which automagically
mount's the CD-ROM drive when I connect to it from Network Neighborhood on
my Win95 box.  I have defined as the "postexec" command for this share to
umount it.  Now, I've noticed that after I've closed the Explorer folder
for this share, Win95 doesn't immediatly close the connection.  I was
wondering if anybody knows how to set it so Win95 will close the
connection sooner (immediatly would be ideal) when I close the Explorer
folder so that the "postexec" command gets executed and the CD-ROM drive
is umounted.


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