Password changing on W95

George Cameron george at
Wed Oct 8 00:42:59 GMT 1997

Samba version:	1.9.17p2
Server OS:	Solaris 2.5.1

I recently changed my config to use encrypted passwords (mainly 
because we're now using a dedicated network file server in 
addition to our Unix samba boxes, and the new box, which is also 
dual NFS+SMB protocol, seems to require encrypted passwords).

Everything's been working fine and dandy.

I've just written an expect script so that our users can change 
the two passwords simultaneously using a single command on Unix.

Problem:	I thought I'd enable the ability to change 
passwords on the W95 machines via Samba, which would please our 
PC-only users. Looks straightforward - define the password program 
and password chat string & re-start. No joy.

Result:		W95 machine complains 'This request is not 
supported by the network'. I checked my Makefile to see that 
password changing was enabled, and even checked the object files 
to be sure. I set logging to level 3 (since the source indicates 
this should show up enough to see how far it gets), but I see none 
of the expected messages in the log files.

Observation:	I do see the following in the log file, however:

switch message SMBtrans (pid 16320)
chdir to /usr/tmp
trans <\PIPE\LANMAN> data=532 params=22 setup=0
Got API command 214 of form <zsT> <B516B16> (tdscnt=532,tpscnt=22,mdrcnt=0,mprcn
Unsupported API command
10/06/97 22:46:50 Transaction 4 of length 39
switch message SMBtdis (pid 16320)

Looking in ipc.c, I see that the SetUserPassword call uses command 
115, so I wondered if the W95 machines are calling 214 instead 
(perhaps because I'm using encryption) which could explain why it 
doesn't work?

	1.Is there something I've overlooked?
	2.Is anybody using 'change password' with W95 & encryption?
	3.Is my conjecture above anywhere near the mark?



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