utime and backing up files

Erik Van Riper geek at midway.com
Tue Oct 7 15:10:54 GMT 1997

I read in the Samba docs that there is a problem with "utime()" when
a user updates another users file the modified time cannot be updated.
According to the docs, even if it the file has write permissions set
for the non-owner.

When I attempt to do a test on a files that is mode 777, I create
the file as one user, wait a minute, edit it again as another user,
and it changes the modified time.  This is not using Samba, this is
just opening two different XTerms as two different users.

However, when a Win95 client writes a file over the top of another
on a Samba share, if the user writing did not originally own the 
file, it will not have the correct modified time, therefore not
backing it up as a changed file during the nightly incremental.

We are using Samba in a production environment on an SGI Origin 2000.

Has anyone else run into this problem, and what did you do to solve

BTW, force user = is not a good fix in this case, we have many people 
working on many different (large) projects, and I do not want someone 
to accidently delete a tree that does not belong to them.

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