TCP/IP (and routing of NetBEUI)

Terry Lambert terry at
Tue Oct 7 07:37:52 GMT 1997

Gabe Grigorescu writes:
> excuse my ignorance, but because I can only route TCP/IP packets and not
> NetBUI ones between two subnets, I was wondering if the LAN that's not
> getting NetBUI packets routed to it would be able to see the samba shares
> that are coming from the other LAN.... Thanks.
> 	   128k line
> LAN area  --------------- LAN with samba server, etc, etc...

NetBEUI is not routable.  It is only bridgeable, tunnelable, or
protocol translatable.


Use bridge hardware.


If you had a machine with two stacks, you could do protocol translation
between NetBIOS over NetBEUI and NetBIOS over TCP/IP.  Or DECNet or
IPX or whatever.

You would need to proxy each machine on one net as a NetBIOS name on
the other, and rewrite the packets containing addresses as they went
by; this is non-trivial.


This is a special case of both of the above; in effect, you build
a bridge over a virtual circuit established with another protocol.
Use tunnelling to set up physically seperate offices, both of which
have an Internet connection.

Cisco Routers "Do The Right Thing"(tm).

Most likely, you should convert the NetBEUI network to TCP/IP: it would
be a lot less work.

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