smb clients and performance

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Mon Oct 6 15:09:11 GMT 1997

On Mon, 6 Oct 1997, Peter Blake wrote:

> A PC running WFWG 3.1x with the native networking enabled will broadcast,
> when connected to an ethernet, whether there is a server within earshot or
> not.

Because it's too stupid to do anything else. The DOS clients are really

> It you install TCP/IP (from M$), then the SMB (aka CIFS?) protocol can be
> carried by TCP and UDP frames. (Is this in addition to any raw mode,
> anybody?).

If you run both (IP, and NetBEUI)

> I have observed (with tcpdump) that M$ servers (and samba) will compete
> for election at regular intervals of a second or so.


> If WINS is disabled in favour of DNS, does the name-related broadcasting
> by an M$ client stop?

Actually, WINS cuts down the traffic more than DNS would, since WINS is a
directed NetBIOS name service request, it eliminates a broadcast, provided
it get's answered. DNS queries are only after the NetBIOS request fails.


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