Win95 Username Prompt?

Dieter Rothacker Didi at
Mon Oct 6 11:55:17 GMT 1997

long discussion about the registry "hack" for remembering passwords

> >yes.  don't know what it is, though.  some registry setting.  check the
> >samba digest archives.
> >
> I have snooped around a little, but couldn't find much at first glance, does anyone want to
> help me out here and give me a hint as to what the key is or where I can find information
> about it?

Here's the Registry hack:

          DisablePwdCaching 01 00 00 00

It disables the 'Save Password' so you can't do it if you wanted to. You
also need to remove all *.PWL files.

(originally posted by Blanton Lewis)

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