win 95 client - VMS cluster SAMBA server

Susan Lea susan at
Mon Oct 6 11:20:36 GMT 1997

Are there any known problems with win95 clients and VMS cluster SAMBA
servers? I'm trying to use microsoft networking on the win95 machine to see
discs and printers on the VMS cluster. Sometimes it works! Most of the time
Network Neighbourhood shows an icon for the samba server and recognises it
as being a SAMBA server (giving version number et.c) but when you try and
open it various error messages are seen ususally  \\server not available.
One time in 10 (and it really does seem random - though I know it can't be!)
it asks for a password before bombing out with the not available command.
The supported setup here is with a PC runnning WINDD (ie NT) acting as the
client and the SAMBA server is seen fine from that all the time.


Susan Lea

Dr. Susan Lea
Lab of Molecular Biophysics
Rex Richards Building,
South Parks Road,

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