Win95 Username Prompt?

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Mon Oct 6 11:42:47 GMT 1997


can you keep your line-lengths to about 70 chars, please?

On Mon, 6 Oct 1997, Simon Hyde wrote:

> On Sun, 5 Oct 1997 23:17:38 +1000, you wrote:
> >> I would like to keep the windows95 machines logged in as something such as "guest", we're
> >> only a small organisation and forcing people to shut down the machine every time they leave
> >> it and to login every time they wont to use a PC seems such a drag and a bit over the top. I
> >> would however like to keep the security on the unix systems and was wondering if there was 
> >> a way to allow them to supply usernames only when they connect to a share and maybe even a
> >> way to get windows to forget the password/username combo on disconnecting from all the shares
> >> removing the need again to reboot the PC. If this is not possible I can always use users=@users
> >> but i'd rather not. 
> >
> >no need.
> >
> >either upgrade to NT, or use the \\samba_server\share%user syntax.  check 
> >the smb.conf files as to whether the % character is the default 
> >share/user division symbol.
> >
> *sigh* I can't really upgrade to NT, and I would like something less manual than physically
> typing in the share and username, Network Neighbourhood would have been a good option. Well
> hopefully you can rally up some support for writing a windows SMB client/server which isn't
> M$ controlled, if so I'd like to propose the option to specify a username different to the
> one on the win95 machine :-)

this can be arranged by writing a "Network Provider" that calls NetUseAdd 
from its implementation of NPAddConnection3, and NetUseDel from 

see the ntnp.doc and network.doc on the NT and w95 DDK cd-roms.

> >> If none of this is really possible is there a way to force the Remember password checkbox to
> >> default to uncheckd and not checked, so that people's unix passwords aren't still saved once
> >> the machine has rebooted
> >
> >yes.  don't know what it is, though.  some registry setting.  check the 
> >samba digest archives.
> >
> I have snooped around a little, but couldn't find much at first glance, does anyone want to
> help me out here and give me a hint as to what the key is or where I can find information
> about it?

something to do with NET.EXE.  discussion was probably eighteen months 
ago, when someone cracked the format of .PWL files.  there have been at 
least three or four mentions of password cacheing since then.


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