Microsoft Netw. over IP Masq. (clarification x2)

kevina at kevina at
Mon Oct 6 04:48:58 GMT 1997

> > > I have an interesting challenge, if anyone is willing to help me get
> > > everything configured right I promise to make a Mini-HOWTO out of it.
> > > 
> > > I am trying to use Samba to make Microsoft Networking work over IP
> > > Masquerading in Linux.
> Here is an outline of how the campus net and my network is set up.
> --(The Internet)
> --{Transparent Firewall, similar to IP Masq.}
> --Campus Net (10.*.*.*)
> --Browse Master (MARS), Other Computers all on a single subnet
> --My Linux Machine (KEVINA)
> --(IP Masq Firewall)
> --Internal net (192.168.1.*)
> --Linux machine as Gateway, Local Browse Master, 
>   IP Masq Firewall, you name in (
> --My Windows 95 Machine (KEVINA2,
> Here is an outline of how I think things should happen in order 
> for the Windows 95 machene to get a working browse list of the 
> Campus Net:
> --KEVINA gets the browse list from MARS and makes its own browse 
>   list for the inter net
> --KEVINA2 gets the browse list from KEVINA for the Network 
>   neighborhood
> When KEVINA2 wants to get to a machine on the Campus Network:
> --KEVINA2 turns to KEVINA (because it looks like a wins server) 
>   and asks it for the address of say "JOE'S COMPUTER"
> --KEVINA gets the request and sends a broadcast message onto 
>   the campus net looking for the computer
> --KEVINA gets the address and gives it two KEVINA2
> --KEVINA2 is happy and can now get into JOE'S COMPUTER.

One person indicated (and other people seam to have the same idea) 
that if JOE'S COMPUTER is unhappy becuase the ip address of 
KEVINA2 is hidden inside all requests that come from KEVINA2 and 
that ip masq. only changes the header and not what is inside the 

Than if that is the case, why is it that I can get into and use MARS (the 
one external computer that appears on the browse list probuly becuase it 
is the browse/domain master) just fine with no apparent problems?

And also why is it that the ip masq. home page 
( reports that SMB works like a
charm over ip masq. and that microsoft networking kind of works
if you put the physical ip address in the lmhosts.sam file.  
(You can get to the computer via find computer but it won't 
appear in the browse list).  Although I must admit that I never
actually tried this.

I don't understand SMB and ip masq. that well but I do know what
I observe.  Maybe linux ip_masq is more intelegent 
that you think and does change the address inside the packet becuase I can 
in fact get into MARS and access its shares just fine.

> It should be noted that I do not care that other machines 
> outside of my hidden net can not get to the machines hiding 
> behind ip masq.

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