Win95 Username Prompt?

James Hughes jamesh at
Mon Oct 6 04:30:25 GMT 1997

Simon Hyde wrote:
> one on the win95 machine :-)
> >> If none of this is really possible is there a way to force the Remember password checkbox to
> >> default to uncheckd and not checked, so that people's unix passwords aren't still saved once
> >> the machine has rebooted
> >
> >yes.  don't know what it is, though.  some registry setting.  check the
> >samba digest archives.
> >
> I have snooped around a little, but couldn't find much at first glance, does anyone want to
> help me out here and give me a hint as to what the key is or where I can find information
> about it?

You can disable password caching easily with the policy editor program
supplied on the Win 95 CD...


	...The template supplied (admin.adm)  has an entry to do what you want.
If all else fails, search for password (or maybe DisablePasswordCaching)
in the registry.


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