Win95 Username Prompt?

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Sun Oct 5 21:46:14 GMT 1997

On Sun, 5 Oct 1997 23:17:38 +1000, you wrote:

>> I would like to keep the windows95 machines logged in as something such as "guest", we're
>> only a small organisation and forcing people to shut down the machine every time they leave
>> it and to login every time they wont to use a PC seems such a drag and a bit over the top. I
>> would however like to keep the security on the unix systems and was wondering if there was 
>> a way to allow them to supply usernames only when they connect to a share and maybe even a
>> way to get windows to forget the password/username combo on disconnecting from all the shares
>> removing the need again to reboot the PC. If this is not possible I can always use users=@users
>> but i'd rather not. 
>no need.
>either upgrade to NT, or use the \\samba_server\share%user syntax.  check 
>the smb.conf files as to whether the % character is the default 
>share/user division symbol.
*sigh* I can't really upgrade to NT, and I would like something less manual than physically
typing in the share and username, Network Neighbourhood would have been a good option. Well
hopefully you can rally up some support for writing a windows SMB client/server which isn't
M$ controlled, if so I'd like to propose the option to specify a username different to the
one on the win95 machine :-)

>> If none of this is really possible is there a way to force the Remember password checkbox to
>> default to uncheckd and not checked, so that people's unix passwords aren't still saved once
>> the machine has rebooted
>yes.  don't know what it is, though.  some registry setting.  check the 
>samba digest archives.

I have snooped around a little, but couldn't find much at first glance, does anyone want to
help me out here and give me a hint as to what the key is or where I can find information
about it?

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