problem: HP-UX 10.20 + encrypted passwords

hl at hl at
Fri Oct 3 21:35:48 GMT 1997

Hi!I've been using samba on my DEC boxes for years, and the last year
with encryption (libdes-3.14). This has worked fine. So I compiled it up
on my
HP box (10.20), no sweat, everything works cool. But then a few users
using ataman rsh daemons on their NT boxes. This works fine when using
NT boxes with the DEC servers but the HP boxes fail after 2-3 accesses.

After some debugging it seems getpwnam() returns NULL for a perfectly
call after a few calls. So I put in endpwent() here and there, OK, this
helps,. now I can do 27 accesses before it fails (example of "access":
'rsh NTBOX dir x:")

Ok, what's the problem? errno says 9, i.e. EBADF. but there are still
file descriptors available (i.e. those have not been allocated and not
freed), so there are 2 possibilities:
1) HP's getpwnam is broken
2) samba code messes up getpwnam's static data somehow....

The same behaviour has been seen with 1.9.16p10 and 1.9.17p2, and also

So.... has anybody else seen this ? should I look at HP for a fix or is
this a samba bug?

Regards, Harald

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