Domain Logons Gotcha!

Eric Bennett bennett at
Fri Oct 3 04:30:51 GMT 1997

> I got the following error message:
> Microsoft Networking 'Incorrect Parameter'.
> To cut a long story short this error was caused because our Domain Name was
> the same as our Samba Server Name.  Changing either one of these names
> solved the problem.  I don't think I've seen this one documented anywhere.

I ran into this because I tried to set our LANMAN domain name to equal our
DNS domain.  Our samba server is not the host with that address.  This
bulloxed things up because Win95 would see the periods in the name,
consult DNS before checking WINS, and then try to connect to the wrong

Changing the WINS name of the domain solved the problem.

	Eric B.

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