?: Domains under NT and smbclient

Kevin Kalajan kek at i-planet.com
Thu Oct 2 19:37:58 GMT 1997

I have checked digests and seen only 1 similar posting and no 
reply, so I thought I'd try once again.

I'm trying to use "smbclient -L my_nt_machine" to get the list of
shares for that NT system.

If I give everyone access to the share, the result is correct.

If I restricted access based on groups, then it fails, and I suspect
because I can't tell smbclient what domain to use.

Does this sound correct?

Any suggestions for a workaround? I downloaded the code to see the
browselist based on a domain, but I need the shares, not the browselist.

thx in advance,

Kevin Kalajan

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