Double printing problem

Sandro Dentella sandro at
Thu Oct 2 19:12:10 GMT 1997


I have a net of about 15 pc (win 3.11 & win95). Everything goes real good,
BUT we get some spare printing in two different printers!!!How is it possible.

- 15 pc
- The net has 1 Linux box as Samba server (1 physical printer attached,
   several configured, one of them is the one attached to the other linux box)
- 1 Linux box w/o samba (other printer)

Sometimes a print get printed by TWO printers. How can it happen?

Since it is a random behavior I don't really know how to trace it. Should I
think responsible is samba, my configuration of printcap, windows?

Funny enough, no pc has configured both printers (they are on two different
floor). Each of them has just 1 printer configured.

I will welcome any hint where to start analyzing the problem.

Thanks in advance


Sandro Dentella *:-)

sandro at  - sandro at

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