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Thu Oct 2 18:39:47 GMT 1997

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>I'm having problems getting win95 clients to use a config.pol
>kept on a samba server.
>[netlogon] is defined, etc, it just seems that win95 isn't looking
>on a net drive to load config.pol

I just dealt with this last week... Something that I found to be necessary to 
get the config.pol to be read from the [netlogon] share (but didn't find in 
the various descriptions of how to do this) is the details of the setting 
under the "Default Computer" (or specific computers, if you have them), 
Network, Update, Remote Update.

Obviously, you want Remote Update checked.  I found that I could only get it 
to work with Update Mode set to Manual, and \\servername\netlogon\config.pol 
as the path (well, I assume other paths would work too...).  If Update Mode 
was set to Automatic, the config.pol file would be read only once, then never 

After you have the config.pol set up how you want, and copied into position on 
the server, go to "Open Registry", Local Computer, Network, Update, and make 
the same changes to the Remote Update setting described above.  Then do File | 
Save in poledit.exe ... This (as near as I can tell) sets up the registry to 
start reading the config.pol file.  The reason that having Update Mode =  
Automatic Update in the config.pol works once as opposed to never is that 
making this manual change (to the registry) works, but then is overwritten by 
the downloaded config.pol setting...

Why Automatic Update doesn't work in general is beyond me.. Any ideas?


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