amanda-samba backup (no estimate)

Jeanne Dai Jeanne.Dai at
Thu Oct 2 13:36:34 GMT 1997


I have installed amanda- as well as samba-1.9.16p11 on the
same station (running Solaris 2.5), and patched samba-1.9.16p11/source
with the patch file came along with amanda- under patches
subdirectory (samba-1.9.16p2.patch).

> First, Samba must be patched with the file samba-1.9.16p2.1.patch -
> this is a patch for 1.9.16p2 of samba, and modifies the way the 'dir'
> command works, and adds totals to both the dir command and the tar
> command, via stderr.  These are used by Amanda to estimate and count
> backup sizes.  This should be installed on an Amanda 'client' host,
> that will act as the 'samba server' host.  This will most likely be the
> same machine as the Amanda master server.  This patch also works fine
> with newer releases of samba.

However, I still get the *no estimate or historical data* error mesg
when running amdump to back up the PC's file system (running NT4.0)
Both amanda & samba work fine by themselves.

Any suggestion is greatly appreciated!

Thanks In Advance,
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