netlogon server reliability

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Thu Oct 2 05:25:48 GMT 1997

Hi everybody !

I have 3 samba servers (1.9.17p2) on the same subnet. Two of them run
on AIX (4.1.3) and the other runs on Linux (2.0.30).

One of the AIX is domain master and local master as well as netlogon
server. The Linux is also a netlogon server (same login scripts) (not
domain master neither local master, same workgroup).

The AIX netlogon server is not reliable at all. It stops answering the 
clients' requests. I don't know why. The Linux netlogon server answers 
OK but once a smbd process has been spawned to answer the query (owned 
by root) it never dies. If I kill it, I have to restart nmbd too to
see the netlogons happen again.

I would like to have both my servers ready and the less loaded (I
suppose) should answer.

Any idea ? TIA

Anyway, hats off for the Samba team !!

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