Please Help on: Error writing 101 bytes to client

Michael Emrich QI/LBS3-RT Tel. ++49-7121-35-SCCS Michael.Emrich at
Thu Oct 2 07:41:45 GMT 1997


>> On 03-Sep-97 samba at wrote:
>>  smbd[10572]: Error writing 101 bytes to client. -1. Exiting
> Stefaan.Eeckels at
>This one should be fixed in 1.9.17 - it was caused by Samba trying
>to validate the guest account on the NT PDC. The  guest account is
>indicated by an empty record, and NT seems to know no better but
>to simply hang up the connection. We had our power users (with
>oodles of shortcuts on their desktops) start up to 20 instances of
>smbd before finally settling down.

we have the problem that Microsoft Word 7.0 terminates with the
errormessage "unrecoverable diskerror". In some cases the document is
completley destroyed.
Because a lot of users are using Samba, I don't want to upgrade to the
1.9.17-Developer Version.
Does anybody have any helpful advice to avoid this.

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