NT 4 won't connect to 1.9.17p2

Edan Idzerda edan at mtu.edu
Thu Oct 2 01:04:06 GMT 1997

Here's the background:  SPARC 10 running 1.9.17p2 serving
home directories, 486 running NT 3.51 doing domain logons,
and NT 4.0 SP3 clients.

I just upgraded the SPARC 10 running 1.9.15 (eek!) to 
1.9.17p2.  Since then, people have had problem connecting
to their home directory on it.  The only people who have had
problems are ones who have an access list defined on the
NT server.

User joebob logs in on NT, connects to NTAS 3.51, gets the
logon batch file, and tries to net use h: \\sparc\homes,
but this fails.  It asks for a password, but that fails too.
You can't browse the Samba server at all--"the username is unknown
or the password is a bunch of crap."

Using smbclient '\\sparc\homes' -U joebob works fine.  In fact,
that works if I use the NT password or the Sun password, which
I would have known if I had read smb.conf.5 more closely :)
But from NT, no dice.  One interesting part of the log file is

10/01/97 12:02:59 Transaction 33 of length 161
switch message SMBsesssetupX (pid 17855)
Domain=[OURDOMAIN]  NativeOS=[Windows NT 1381] NativeLanMan=[]
password server entity rejected the password
10/01/97 12:03:00 error packet at line 528 cmd=115 (SMBsesssetupX) eclass=2 ecod
error string = Address already in use

In fact, the same thing happens from 95.  Example: I gave myself
a different password on the Samba server in question, and 
on the NT 3.51 server.  I put a Win95 pc in my access list,
and login on the 95 box in the NT domain.  That works fine, BUT
when I try to do 'net use h: \\sambaserver\homes' it doesn't work.

Now it looks like:

password server entity rejected the password
Checking password for user edan (l=24)
10/01/97 20:51:31 error packet at line 528 cmd=115 (SMBsesssetupX) eclass=2 ecod
error string = No such file or directory

I'm kind of stumped.  It works fine when a user "can log 
in from any workstation."  This is on SunOS 4.1.3_U1 with 

I really appreciate some tips on this and I'll gladly give 
you higher level debug logs :)


- edan

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