Samba disappearing from the network

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Wed Oct 1 22:59:08 GMT 1997

try "dns proxy = no".

On Thu, 2 Oct 1997 infinity at wrote:

> I've recently installed a network fileserver for my business partner's 
> father's appraisal business running samba 1.9.17p2. I have domain logons, 
> wins, browse master, et al turned on.  I'm having problems  when 
> 'something' happens, and people can no longer log on (they get that ever 
> so bothersome 'no domain server' message), and it looks like samba 
> completely locks up since even currently mapped drives lock up.
> What I think may be happening is when someone running the appraisal 
> software (old dos crap that requires a physical license block on the LPT
> port) is closed without exiting normally, which causes samba to hang
> possibly? Or receive a signal to wait on a couple of sockets, then
> eventually exit? I haven't delved into the code at all yet, I've been too
> busy trying to teach 25 people who can barely even log onto a simple
> novell network how use windows 95 and fixing hardware problems we're
> having along the way.
> And since people are here between 6AM and 7PM, my hours of playing
> around with the config file are rather limited.
> When this happens, I can telnet to the machine fine, but if I kill all 
> occurrences of smbd and nmbd, that still doesn't fix it. I have to 
> manually ifconfig eth0 down, killall smbd and nmbd, wait 10 seconds or 
> so, then re-run the inet script and everything's fine until someone else 
> does something stupid.
> I've looked through all of the man pages, docs, the old mails on the 
> mailing list, and have seen nobody else admitting they have this problem, 
> or are just fortunate enough to have not run into it.
> I'm not sure how or why this is happening, since a separate smbd is run 
> for each person mounting a share. This also happened under 1.9.15p6 as 
> well, so it's not a latest release bug, and I haven't run into this
> problem on the other 2 small LANs (2 pcs for one, and 4 for the other).
> But then again, there's 14 computers and 25 computer novices using badly
> written DOS software, I was bound to hit some sort of brick wall :)
> Anyone have any ideas or suggestions?
> Thanks :)

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