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Wed Oct 1 05:52:06 GMT 1997

On Tue, 30 Sep 1997, Steve Jones wrote:

> On Sep 29, 11:40pm, Roeland M.J. Meyer wrote:
>  Subject: Re: smb clients and performance
> > then it shouldn't be a problem. Understand that Windows machines do this
> > regardless of whether, or not, a server is on the LAN. My sub-net can be
> > absolutely quiescent and the packet indicator light, on the router, still
> > blips occasionaly, even when the Linux servers are completely off-line.
> > This is on a LAN with no NetBEUI drivers loaded and running 'pure' TCP/IP,
> > on WinNTws40SP3.
> So, do I understand correctly that it is impossible to
> eliminate this broadcasting, whether or not a samba
> server is being used?  Stated another way, can a MS
> network be configured such that these clients do not do
> this broadcasting and, if so, does this mode exclude the
> use of a samba server on the LAN?

My (probably flawed) understanding is that the broadcasts are related to
the most primitive version of Netbios name resolution available to the
client - browsing via broadcasts.

Depending on the client, name resolution is also possible via DNS, HOSTS
file, LMHOSTS file, and WINS server. One of these may be both adequate for
you and cut down on the broadcasts. *And* your client may be tunable to
use your preferred means on name resolution. 

M$ NBT/TCP/IP stack also has the LMAnnounce parameter, which might affect

The M$ Lan Manager resource kit (if there is such a thing) should help.
I'd look up the WfWg resource kit, but it's at home.

Please let the list know what if anything you find out.

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